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landscaping lighting
Landscaping Lighting
Landscaping lights installation is a specialty service we offer at Sorted Electrical, designed to enhance your outdoor spaces and improve safety around your home. The right types of exterior lighting can...
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garden lighting installation
Safety First: Electrical Precautions During Home Renovations
Learn how to ensure your safety from electrical hazards during home renovations. Discover essential tips to protect yourself from harm.
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brisbane electrician for bathroom renovation
Top Electrical Upgrades for Modern Bathroom Renovations
Discover the 10 best electrical upgrades when renovating your bathroom. Explore ideas such as enhanced lighting and smart features for your new space.
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Does Your Home Need a Meter Box Upgrade
Does Your Home Need a Meter Box Upgrade
Is it time for a meter box upgrade? Upgrading the meter box in your home can deliver more power and greater efficiency. Many older homes have outdated electrical systems, but it often goes unchecked until...
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fire alarm system installation
Your Guide to Fire Detector Installation
Fire detector installation Fire alarms, also known as smoke alarms, smoke detectors, or fire detectors, are crucial household safety items. They genuinely save lives and protect property, making them essential...
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electrical renovation
A 7-Step Guide to Effective Electrical Walk-Throughs During Home Renovations
Are you planning a home renovation? If so, you need to be aware that this is the perfect time for electrical walk-throughs. An electrical walk-through is the process of going through the entire home, using...
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smoke alarm upgrades brisbane
Six Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Smoke Alarms
As 2027 approaches, Queensland residents should be aware of legislation changes surrounding household smoke alarms. While new homes and any homes being sold or rented already require upgraded smoke alarms,...
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Halogen Downlights Replacement Electrician Brisbane
Why Should I Replace Halogen Downlights with LED?
With most modern homes favouring LED lights over halogen, is it time to consider halogen downlight replacement for your home? Let’s explore the difference between the two, and the benefits of upgrading. What a...
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split system air conditioner brisbane
Choosing the Right Split System Air Conditioner to Cool a Whole House
Split system air conditioners are one of Australia’s most popular options for heating and cooling homes. Importantly, they’re much cheaper to run than electric fans and heaters. Split system air conditioner ins...
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Your Guide to Ceiling Fan Switch Wiring
Installing ceiling fan switch wiring is a job best left to professional electricians. However, the g...
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electrician to install smoke detectors brisbane
Why Your Smoke Alarm or Smoke Detector Keeps Beeping and How to Fix It
Have you ever been woken because your hardwired smoke alarm keeps going off at night for seemingly no...
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washing machine installation camp hill
Queensland Climate Smart Energy Savers Rebate Overview
As part of the Queensland Government’s Energy and Jobs Plan, a new initiative is available to help...
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