Choosing the Right Split System Air Conditioner to Cool a Whole House

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    split system air conditioner brisbane

    Split system air conditioners are one of Australia’s most popular options for heating and cooling homes. Importantly, they’re much cheaper to run than electric fans and heaters. Split system air conditioner installation is fast, and units can be mounted high on walls out of people’s way. However, to get the most out of your investment, you need to know how to choose the right unit for your needs.

    What is a split system air conditioner?

    A split system air conditioner includes two units – one inside your home and one outside. Your indoor unit helps to clean your indoor air, while also heating or cooling the air depending on your requirements. One of the best things about a split system air conditioners is the fact that it can heat or cool, so it’s an all year round solution to maintaining your home’s comfort levels.

    How do split air conditioners work?

    Contrary to popular belief, a split system air conditioner doesn’t draw air from outside of the home. The outdoor unit is the condenser, so it works to cool the air inside the unit. Rather, the air actually comes from inside your home. Your indoor unit draws air in, it passes over the evaporator coils to cool it down, and then it is returned to the room at the desired temperature.

    When you set an air conditioner to a certain temperature, it will shut off automatically when it determines the air inside the house has reached that temperature.

    split ac system brisbane

    Can split AC system cool the entire house?

    A split system air conditioner can, in theory, cool the entire house if you select a unit with the appropriate power and capacity. While your indoor AC unit can pump air at some impressive levels, the cool air may not reach the furthest extremities of the home. For smaller homes and apartments, a split system with a single indoor unit can definitely do the job.

    If you have a larger home, you can still use a split system, but you may consider what’s called a multi-split-system. This is where you have one outdoor unit, but multiple indoor units throughout the house. This provides much better temperature control for larger homes.

    Advantages and disadvantages of split systems

    Every home is different, which means even the best split system air conditioner won’t be suitable for everyone. There are other options such as ducted air conditioning or multi-split systems, where you have more than one indoor unit. With this in mind, let’s look at some pros and cons of split system air conditioners to help make your decision easier.

    Advantage: Durable

    Unlike cheaper electric fans or heaters, split system air conditioners are extremely durable. You can expect to get years and years of comfort from your system, as long as you keep up with the regular maintenance requirements.

    Advantage: Efficient to run

    Heating and cooling represent two of the biggest energy expenses for most households. That’s why it’s so crucial to choose energy-efficient air conditioners. If you do, you’ll find them far cheaper to run than most heating and cooling alternatives.

    Advantage: Quiet operation

    Most modern air conditioners are nice and quiet, meaning you can operate them in your main living spaces without causing too much disruption. The quietness of split system air conditioners also make them great for nighttime and early morning operation when you’re trying to sleep or waking up.

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    Disadvantage: Outdoor unit requires plenty of space

    The outdoor unit in your split system air conditioner is quite large, so you need appropriate space for installation. For most homes, this isn’t an issue, however it can create problems for smaller homes or apartments where space is at a premium.

    Disadvantage: Ongoing maintenance required

    You’ll need to have your air conditioner serviced regularly. We recommend at least once a year to ensure everything is in good working order and parts can be replaced as needed. You also need to regularly clean your filters to keep the system running well.

    Things to consider when buying a split system

    Split system air conditioners are a great way to maintain comfort levels in your home. However, there are some things to consider before buying.

    Size of your home

    The first thing to consider when buying a split system air conditioner is the size of your home. If you have a larger house, you’ll need a more powerful system. In fact, you may even need to consider a multi-split system or even ducted air conditioning. If you have a smaller or medium-sized house, a standard split-system AC unit can do the job.

    best split system air conditioner brisbane


    Air conditioners come in all different capacities. This refers to the power of your machine, and it’s capacity to heat or cool your home. It’s important to choose the right capacity unit. If you go too low, your system may not heat and cool your home effectively. If you go too large, you may spend more on power to run your AC when you really don’t need to.


    Naturally, everybody has a budget when buying large household appliances. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for, so you shouldn’t compromise on quality. But it’s always worth shopping around to get a great deal on the AC unit you want.


    Even more important than the upfront cost of the unit is the ongoing cost. All air conditioners are Energy Rated using a simple star system. The more stars, the more efficient your machine is. So, even if the upfront cost is a little higher, investing in energy-efficient air conditioning could save you big dollars in the long run.


    Another factor to consider is installation. Firstly, only a licensed professional can install air conditioning systems. Secondly, the outdoor unit requires a certain amount of space. So, depending on the layout of your home, installation may be slightly complex depending on where you want the outdoor and indoor units positioned.

    Are split system air conditioners right for your Brisbane home?

    If you’ve decided that a split system air conditioner is right for you, Sorted Electrical is here to help. With our expert advice, you can choose the perfect split AC system for your needs. We specialise in energy-efficient air conditioners that save you money while keeping you comfortable all year round. Whether you’re in Wynnum, Manly or any other Brisbane area, we can install split AC systems that meet your individual requirements.

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