Common Electrical Issues in Air Conditioners

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    The household air conditioning system can feel like a lifesaver in summer. Needless to say, when something goes wrong with your system, you’ll notice it pretty quickly. Air conditioners aren’t necessarily complex machines, but there are still some moving parts involved, and as we know, anything that involves electrical components is likely to need servicing or repair at some stage.

    Unfortunately, there are many things that could go wrong, even with the professional installation of air conditioning systems. However, with a trusted electrician on your side, it’s never impossible to fix your air conditioning electrical problems.

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    Common electrical problems that can affect your air conditioning system Installation Brisbane

    You might be surprised just how many electrical problems can occur inside your air conditioning system. Here are just a few of the issues you may encounter. The most common problem that occurs is your air conditioner tripping the circuit breaker in your switchboard. This stops the machine from working, to avoid electrical hazards, but it is usually a sign that one of the issues below has occurred.

    Faulty wiring

    When wiring is damaged, it won’t work correctly. Often, your machine works fine for a while, but as the damage to the wiring worsens, you’ll experience more problems. Various issues can affect wiring, such as rats or other rodents chewing them or wires being crushed or damaged during installation.

    Poor installation

    Like most appliances, if you don’t install your air conditioner properly, you’ll experience problems. It’s crucial to allow only a licensed and experienced electrician to install your air conditioning unit. The most common installation issues are incorrect cable sizes or circuit breakers, however there are obviously other problems that can occur. Always work with professionals and you shouldn’t have an issue.

    Capacitor issues

    A capacitor is used for starting and running motors – and sure enough, there is a motor inside your air conditioning unit. There are different types of capacitors, but the biggest problem is when the wrong one is installed. Alternatively, if a capacitor fails for any reason, the motor draws far too much power when trying to start, therefore tripping the circuit breaker.

    Circuit board failures

    Many modern air conditioners include a circuit board inside that looks like a computer motherboard. These are known as printed circuit boards or PCBs, and they perform a number of functions within your air conditioning system. Unfortunately, if the PCB is damaged in any way, your system won’t function as it should.

    Loose terminals

    An air conditioner is no different from any other electrical appliance in that any loose terminals will cause problems. In the best case, a loos terminal results in excessive power draw, tripping the circuit breaker. But in some cases, a loose terminal can also cause a fire if the circuit breaker doesn’t trip.

    Tips on how to avoid AC electrical problems

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    While it sounds like a lot can go wrong with your air conditioner, you don’t need to panic. You can do a few things to avoid such problems in the future and potentially decrease your maintenance costs over the unit’s life. Here are some ways to avoid electrical problems with air conditioners.

    1. Keep outdoor unit clean: Clear the area of unnecessary debris that might encourage rodents.
    2. Install the right circuit breakers: Always use a modern RCD (residual current device) circuit breaker.
    3. Regular servicing: Have your air conditioning system serviced once a year to check for any potential issues. Always use a qualified air con technician.

    Follow these steps, as well as regularly clean your filters, and you can expect to enjoy a healthy air conditioner for years to come.

    Need assistance with your air conditioning system in Brisbane?

    The very best way to avoid electrical problems is to always hire a licensed professional Brisbane electrician for the safe installation of air conditioning systems. Sorted Electrical offers expert service every time, whether you’re in Springwood, Rochedale, Underwood, or any surrounding area. Contact our friendly team today, for all of your air conditioner installation, repair and maintenance needs.

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