Get Summer Ready and Save Money with a New Environmentally-Friendly Split System Aircon

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eco friendly air conditioner installation brisbane

With the cost of living seemingly always on the rise, Australian homeowners need ways to save money. Cooling your home during summer is a considerable expense, but with eco-friendly air conditioner installation, you can find plenty of savings on your energy bill.

Environmentally friendly air conditioning is something that all homeowners can benefit from, and it’s not just great for your wallet. If you’re concerned about global warming, you’ll also contribute to a cleaner, greener environment and improve the comfort levels inside your home. So, let’s explore sustainable air conditioning solutions in more detail.

sustainable air conditioning solutions brisbane

What are eco-friendly air conditioners?

In very simple terms, eco-friendly air conditioners are those that use less power than their counterparts. They are designed to cool your home effectively without drawing as much power. But it’s not just about money. These machines are also manufactured with fewer refrigerants, which can be harmful to the environment. Solar and geothermal air conditioners are also being developed, further reducing the environmental impact.

For the average Australian homeowner, the biggest drawcard is the financial saving. Let’s look at the benefits of eco-friendly air conditioner installation.

6 Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Installation In Brisbane

1. Save money

When buying an air conditioner, you should always consider the energy efficiency rating. This directly reflects the amount of power your system will draw to achieve comfortable results. Many eco-friendly air conditioners also conserve cool air so that it can be recycled. All of the energy-saving technology in sustainable air conditioning solutions lowers your energy bills and saves you money.

There are also plenty of flow-on effects, such as less frequent repairs, and finding parts for new machines is easier.

2. Reduce your carbon footprint

Modern, energy-efficient air conditioners use less power, and therefore reduce your carbon footprint. These systems are packed with technology to make them better for the environment. So, if you enjoy looking after the planet while saving money, an eco-friendly air conditioner is just the thing.

3. Better temperature control

Many eco-friendly air conditioners have programmable thermostats, giving you greater control over how and when you cool your home. Whether it’s controlling your air conditioner from afar using an app or programming your system to turn on and off, these units certainly give you more control over your home’s temperature.

4. Quiet air conditioner operation

Modern air conditioners aren’t just great for the environment and your wallet. They’re also engineered better, with higher-quality components and a smoother operation. For the homeowner, this means quieter operation.

5. Only cool the rooms you need to

In the case of ducted air conditioning, where air circulates throughout your home via a system of ducts and vents, modern units are much better. Some ducted systems offer very little control, but modern ones allow you to control which rooms you heat and cool. This means you don’t waste energy by heating or cooling rooms you don’t even use regularly.

6. Improve property value

There’s no doubt that home buyers are on the lookout for extra value. When selling your house, you may not think your air conditioning unit is a big drawcard, but everything counts. An energy-efficient and eco-friendly air conditioner tells home buyers that they will have lower energy bills, and that’s attractive to most people. It might not be the major appeal of your home, but it’s certainly a factor that can influence buyers.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Environmentally-Friendly Air Conditioning Solutions

Environmentally-Friendly Air Conditioning brisbane

Get the right size air conditioning unit

When considering a new air conditioner, size matters. The size of your unit usually determines how powerful it is. So, if you buy an air conditioner that’s not powerful enough, it will always be working too hard to cool your home. This results in unnecessary wear and tear on components and higher electricity bills. If you buy one that’s too big, you may find it also costs more to run when you really don’t need it to be so powerful. Find the balance, and always ask your trusted, licensed electrician for advice.

Choose reliable brands

Like any electrical appliance, air conditioners come in many different shapes, sizes and brands. It’s important to choose reputable brands for a few reasons. First, a good reputation indicates high-quality air conditioners. Second, reputable brands are better to deal with if you have warranty issues. Finally, it’s easier to find replacement parts for well-known brands.

Ensure your system is customisable

One of the major benefits of eco-friendly air conditioning systems is the ability to control the thermostat. So, if you want to maximise the benefits of your new air conditioner, always ensure it’s an eco-friendly model with smartphone app controls and programmable functions.

Always use licensed air conditioning installers

Finally, you should always use a licensed professional for eco-friendly air conditioner installation. In Australia, only licensed electricians can work on your home’s electrical systems. This ensures appliances are installed correctly and prevents damages that may void your warranty.

Reduce Your Energy Bills With an Eco-Friendly Air Conditioner

Don’t suffer through another summer of enormous energy bills when you can considerably reduce your home cooling costs. Consider sustainable air conditioning solutions today to maximise energy efficiency in your home. There are so many financial pressures on Australian households today that you shouldn’t wrestle with high heating and cooling costs. There are several energy-efficient options out there, and you can take advantage of them today.

Future-Proof Your Home With Sustainable Air Conditioning Solutions

If you want to get your home ready for an improved, eco-friendly future, look no further than Sorted Electrical. As your best eco friendly air conditioner installer in Brisbane, we give you the right advice every time. Plus, we’ll ensure your new air conditioner is installed correctly to the manufacturer’s standards. Our team can even help with routine maintenance and repairs if necessary. Contact us today and start saving money in Carina Heights, Tarragindi, East Brisbane and all surrounding areas.

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