How to Select the Right LED Downlights for Your Kitchen?

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    LED Downlights are the most popular light fixtures that you will find in modern homes, buildings and even restaurants. They are super versatile, distinctive and can truly set the right ambience. Buying one can be extremely confusing, especially if you are new to LED light shopping. If you are on the hunt for the perfect LED Downlights for your kitchen, you have come to the right place. We will provide you with a complete guide for installing LED lighting for kitchen. Without further ado, let’s get started:

    What is an LED Downlight?

    Let’s get the basics out of the way: a LED downlight is a fixture that is installed above your ceiling and shines down on your space. Typically, the trim of the LED downlight lays flat against the ceiling. With that said, you can also find LED downlights that stick down below the ceiling also, although less common

    What are the Best LED Downlights for the Kitchen?

    Selecting the best-led downlights for your kitchen can get quite confusing, we have compiled a list of the most popular options:

    Retrofit Downlights

    If you are looking for an energy-efficient option, retrofit downlights are your best bet. They can easily replace your current lighting fixtures. In some instances, you don’t even have to replace your existing transformer. You have a lot of stunning designs to choose from. While the initial cost might seem a bit on the higher end, you will save money on wiring.

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    Pendant Downlights

    If you are looking for a modern yet practical lighting system for your kitchen, pendant downlights might be the right fit. Hands down, they are going to alleviate your space and that’s why most people prefer these over the simpler ones.

    Surface Mounted LED Downlight

    If you wish to revamp kitchen lighting, surface mounted led downlight is an amazing choice. These will be installed in the ceiling. Hence, will require puncturing a hole in the ceiling and/or a large fixture into the drywalls. Not a fan of that? You can choose a slim fixture design that simply carves out a giant hole in the ceiling. All in all, they are super stylish.

    Recessed Downlights

    Looking to replace old lamps in your kitchen with elegant lighting designs? Opt for recessed downlights for kitchen. The ultra-thin fixture design is super easy to install in the existing structure of your kitchen. 

    Adjustable Downlights

    Fan of directional lighting? Adjustable downlights will do the job for you. You can pick and choose the beam angle to highlight a certain space: a countertop, a stunning piece of art in the kitchen or anything you like. Adjustable downlights can also be used as accent lighting.

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    Square LED Downlights

    Square LED downlights give your space a sharp and stunning look. There is a lot of variation in sizing available. Even a couple of Square lights can light up your kitchen beautifully and give it a very modern look. You can find dimmable LED downlights if you like to change up the lighting.

    Smooth and Baffle Trim Downlights

    These downlights come with a stunning trim surrounding the light. The baffle trim downlights have circular grooves, ridges around the light. It not only looks stunning but also minimizes the glare and softens the effect of light.

    Fire Rated Downlights

    We all know that the kitchen is most likely a place to cause a fire. That calls for fire-rated downlights. Believe it or not, these fire-rated downlights seal off the hole in case of a fire emergency and slow the spread of fire. These lights will be fitted with an intumescent pad which swells up in case of a fire emergency and blocks the fire spread.

    Trimless Downlights

    If you are more of a minimalist and your kitchen size is relatively small, trimless downlights might fit your space perfectly. These lights will blend into your ceilings or walls beautifully. Chrome lights are one of the most popular choices in seamless lighting.

    How Many LED Downlights should You have in the Kitchen?

    First and foremost thing you need to consider before making the purchase is the size of your kitchen. Take a note of the height of your ceiling, overall dimensions, and specifications. All these factors will determine the number of downlights you require and the size of them. Stay on top of spacing guideline to ensure your kitchen is lit optimally.

    However, if this all seems confusing than here is a general rule to follow: You’ll need one LED downlight for every 4 to 6 square feet of ceiling space. 

    Where should You have the LED Lighting in the Kitchen?

    Different kitchens will need different products for proper lighting. Based on your unique needs you can use led downlights for the ceiling, cabinet downlights, kitchen cupboard downlights, and waterproof downlights if you want to light near the sink area.

    How can LED Downlights Save You Money?

    It is time to list some fun facts:

    • LED downlights use up to 90% less energy than conventional bulbs.
    • LED downlights will last 25 times longer than traditional lights.

    We mean the answer is pretty clear. Not only will you save on energy bills but the overall cost of buying lights will also be reduced as you will be buying them less frequently.

    How to Maintain LED Downlights in the Kitchen?

    Lucky for all of us, LED downlights are fairly low maintenance. However, regular cleaning is required for optimal performance. Always follow manufacturer guidelines for maintenance and cleaning and replace the bulbs when needed.


    Firstly, it greatly depends on what you want your kitchen to look and vibe like. Generally speaking, a warm white colour with 3000k temperature is preferred by most people.

    Yes, installing LED lighting for the kitchen will require the services of a licensed electrician as it will generally require quite a lot of fittings in the ceiling, cupboard, or whoever you want to place them. Always read reviews of local electricians before making the final call. If you don’t want to deal with led downlight flickering when switched on or any other related issue, reach out to a professional.

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