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    Landscaping lights installation is a specialty service we offer at Sorted Electrical, designed to enhance your outdoor spaces and improve safety around your home. The right types of exterior lighting can transform any outdoor entertaining area or yard into a beautiful sanctuary, highlighting the features you’ve worked so hard to create.

    At Sorted Electrical, we’re the experts in planning, designing and installing landscaping lights. From illuminating pathways to showcasing landscaping features, there is so much you can do with professional landscape lighting.

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    Understanding the importance of landscape lighting

    Outdoor lighting isn’t just about giving you more light for an outdoor entertaining area. Rather, outdoor lighting can improve your home’s safety and security, boost its aesthetic appeal and help you maximise your outdoor spaces. Here are just a few reasons why landscape lighting is so important.

    Aesthetic improvements

    Exterior lighting adds that final touch to a landscaping or outdoor improvement project. If you’ve worked hard to create a beautiful garden and comfortable outdoor spaces, why let it go to waste? Landscape lighting can be used to highlight architectural features of the home or focal points in the garden.

    In addition, exterior lights can create a certain ambience, especially if you want to enjoy some time outside in the evening. With the right lighting control systems, you can even create different mood settings for your outdoor entertaining area, depending on the occasion.

    Safety and security

    Exterior lighting installation also offers considerable safety benefits. Firstly, you can use outdoor lights to illuminate pathways and steps, reducing the chance of accidents and injuries. Secondly, a well-lit home is far less likely to be broken into than a poorly lit one. Carefully placed security lighting deters opportunistic intruders, keeping your home and family safe. Security lights are also highly beneficial if you’re away from home, and with a smart lighting system, you can program lights to turn on and off at certain intervals to create the appearance that somebody is home.

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    Outdoor spaces are there to be enjoyed, but that’s not always possible if there’s no light. By installing exterior lights you can get more use out of outdoor entertaining areas. It also encourages more outdoor activities once the sun goes down, such as dining and other family activities. Plus, when the outside of your home is well-lit, you can move around more safely and get more from your yard.

    Types of landscape lighting

    Outdoor lighting comes in many different forms, each with its own unique function. This is one of the reasons it’s so important to hire experienced, professional electricians for outdoor lighting installation. At Sorted Electrical, we know exactly what works and can recommend the very best solutions every time. Here are some of the common types of landscape lighting you might use around your home.

    Path lights

    Path lights come in many shapes and sizes and are primarily used to illuminate walkways, driveways and garden paths. Depending on your outdoor space, you can choose a soft, downward-facing light to add aesthetic appeal and safety. Alternatively, you can use weatherproof LED strip lighting to give your home a modern touch.

    adding outdoor lighting

    Spotlights and flood lights

    Spotlights are typically used as accent lighting to highlight key architectural or garden features. This could be statues, water features, or particularly beautiful plants and trees. Floodlights are best for illuminating larger areas, but it’s important to consider neighbours and light pollution standards when you position floodlights in a residential area.

    Spike lights

    If you’ve got certain plants or other features you want to highlight, spike lights are another option. These are placed in the ground to provide upward lighting, and are usually quite easy to install. Spike lights can also be used at intervals along a garden path for safety, but most commonly they’re used to add a touch of beauty to your landscaped areas.

    Deck and step lights

    Deck and step lighting add another level of safety to your outdoor areas, lighting up steps and other hazards so you can move around freely. Step lighting is generally very low-maintenance and you don’t even notice it during the day. Working with a landscaping lights installation expert ensures you get sleek, modern deck and step lighting that also enhances your home’s aesthetics.

    exterior lighting installation near me

    String lights and lanterns

    Exterior lighting for outdoor entertaining areas is a vital part of any landscape lighting project. String lights or lanterns add a unique touch, and your electrician can advise on a range of different styles that suit your home. These lights are versatile and add a festive flavour to any outdoor gathering.

    Key considerations for choosing landscape lighting

    Landscaping lights installation requires expertise, skills and an eye for detail. Our expert electricians are with you every step of the way, from planning through to installation. But the final lighting decisions are all yours, so here are a few things that you’ll need to consider for your outdoor lighting project.

    Planning and design

    Arguably the most important stage is the planning and design phase. You’ll need a plan that incorporates all of your landscaping design, particularly the areas you want to illuminate. From there, you’ll need to determine the purpose of each light. Do you need spot lighting to highlight a water feature, spike lights for plants, or is the light intended more for safety and security? The team at Sorted Electrical can help with your lighting design, and we’re also comfortable working with landscapers if necessary.

    Types of lighting fixtures

    There are countless types of outdoor lighting fixtures, so it’s important to choose ones that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Investing in high-quality, weather-resistant, IP-rated outdoor lights is your best option because they need to stand up to harsh Australian climates. We’ve got a range of light fixtures to complement your home’s style, and we only use brands we trust.

    Lighting technique and style

    Outdoor lighting installation isn’t just about putting a light where you want it. Professional lighting experts understand there are many techniques to achieve the result you want. For example, up-lighting illuminates objects from below, such as plants and garden features. Down-lighting is more similar to natural light, so it’s perfect for adding light to pathways and areas requiring task lighting. Grazing is another technique that places lights close to a wall in order to highlight textures. The positions and angles of your lights can make a big difference, highlighting the benefits of working with an experienced outdoor lighting electrician.

    Energy efficiency

    LED outdoor lights are recognised as the most energy-efficient and long-lasting. They help to keep your electricity costs down, making them better for the planet and your wallet. At Sorted Electrical, we only use quality LED outdoor lights for durability and efficiency.

    Control systems

    Lighting control systems are becoming more and more popular, especially with the rise of smart home technology. Investing in features like dimmers, timers and other smart lighting control systems has many benefits. You can save power by using sensor lights or setting lights to turn off at certain times. You can even control lights remotely while you’re away. These systems give you more control over your lighting, enhance your home’s security and save you money long-term.

    Why choose our electricians to install your landscaping lights?

    • Fully licensed and insured Master Electricians.
    • Landscaping lights installation specialists.
    • We’ve got the skills, experience and product knowledge to recommend the perfect lighting for all outdoor spaces. From accent lighting to security lights, we know what works.
    • Our team works with your landscapers for better results.
    • Comprehensive service includes everything from exterior lighting design to installation.
    • Clear, transparent pricing with no surprises.
    • Our workmanship comes with a lifetime guarantee.

    Looking for professional landscaping lights installation?

    Landscaping lights installation can be complex, which is why you should always work with experienced electricians for the best results. Hiring a licensed electrician who specialises in outdoor lighting ensures you get the right lights for each space, improving your home’s visual appeal and safety. Sorted Electrical are your local experts for exterior light design and installation, so if you want to get more from your outdoor spaces, contact our friendly team for a free quote today.

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