Queensland Climate Smart Energy Savers Rebate Overview

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    As part of the Queensland Government’s Energy and Jobs Plan, a new initiative is available to help homeowners and businesses save money and reduce their carbon footprint. The new Climate Smart Energy Savers program is designed to help Queenslanders upgrade old appliances to new, more energy-efficient models.

    In a standard or a low-income rebate, Queenslanders can receive a rebate of up to $1000 for certain energy-efficiency upgrades such as solar or heat pump hot water systems. Smaller rebates are also available for washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators and air conditioners.

    What’s eligible for the QLD appliance rebate?

    The eligible appliances must have a 4-star Energy Rating or higher, and importantly, they must be replacing another appliance. For example, you want to replace an old washing machine with one that’s more energy-efficient. They also must be installed at the address in your application, and only a licensed installer may install air conditioners and hot water systems. The eligible items include:

    • Washing machines
    • Dryers
    • Dishwashers
    • Refrigerators/freezers
    • Air conditioners (AS4755 compliant and 4-star-rated or higher for cooling)
    • Solar hot water and heat pump hot water systems
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    Eligibility Criteria

    First, let’s look at the eligibility criteria for the standard rebate, followed by the criteria for the low-income rebate.

    Standard rebate eligibility criteria

    To be eligible for the rebate, you must:

    • Be over the age of 18
    • Reside in Queensland
    • Purchase an appliance from 4 September 2023 while occupying your premises
    • Not have received any other government assistance for the appliance in question.

    Low-income eligibility

    The rebates available for low-income earners are slightly higher than the standard rebate, but you must meet certain eligibility requirements. Firstly, you must meet all criteria for the standard rebate. In addition, your 2022/2023 taxable income must be lower than $66,667.

    If you don’t lodge tax returns, you may provide evidence of Government pensions or being a self-funded retiree. Alternatively, declare you have lodged a ‘Return Not Necessary’ with the ATO.

    If you live with a spouse or partner, the highest household income will be assessed when determining eligibility.

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    Rebate benefits

    Want to know how much you could get back when purchasing a new energy-efficient appliance? See the chart below:

    ApplianceStandard rebateLow-income rebate
    Washing machines and dryers$300$550
    Air conditioners (AS/NZS 4755.1:2017 compliant and 4 star-rated or higher for cooling)$400$650
    Heat pump hot water systems$800$1000
    Solar hot water systems$800$1000

    These are just the rebates available but don’t forget about the energy savings associated with upgrading your appliances. Depending on the type of appliance you upgrade and the energy rating of your old appliance, you could save between $30 and $1,118 per year on electricity costs alone.

    Application process

    Ready to apply? It’s a simple step-by-step process, as detailed below:

    • Read the eligibility criteria to ensure you meet the requirements.
    • Purchase your energy-efficient appliance. Keep your receipt or proof of purchase with all relevant product information.
    • Get a quote to install your appliance (if purchasing air conditioners or hot water systems that require professional installation).
    • Apply for the rebate using the simple online form.

    Required documentation

    To submit your application, you will need:

    • Your MyGov ID or 2 other pieces of ID (driver’s license, Medicare, passport etc).
    • Most recent rates notice, utility bill or tenancy agreement for renters.
    • Your purchase receipt.
    • Your bank account details.
    • For low-income rebate applications, your ATO notice of assessment or evidence of Government pension, self-funded retiree or ‘Return Not Necessary’ status from the ATO.
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    Deadline and availability

    The Climate Smart Energy Savers Rebate is limited to 1,500 rebates, so it’s important to act fast if you’re considering an appliance upgrade. Essentially, applications will be assessed on a first-come, first-served basis. If you purchase a new energy-smart appliance from 4 September 2023 and before the program closure date, we’d advise submitting your application quickly to give yourself the best chance of securing a rebate.

    It’s important to note that not all applications will be successful. Follow the application steps and check the eligibility criteria carefully. Due to the limited number of rebates available, an incomplete application may result in delays that cause you to miss out.

    Additional resources

    The best place to find further information, including the online application forms, is through the Queensland Government website. Here are some handy links:

    Want to save money on energy costs today?

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