Safety First: Electrical Precautions During Home Renovations

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    When it comes to DIY home renovations there are lots of things to consider, budget, style, timeframes, disruption, and most importantly safety. One of the most dangerous aspects of our homes is the electrical system. Whilst you may not be doing any electrical work yourself you can still be at risk of property damage, injury or even death. In this blog post we’ll delve into the top safety measures to take to avoid electrical dangers commonly present during home renovations. Follow these tips to ensure you and your family are safe during the entire renovation process.

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    Familiarise Yourself with Your Metre Box

    The metre box is the control panel for all the electrical circuits in your home that power your appliances, lighting, and other things in your home that need electricity.  Before conducting any renovation, you’ll want to know its exact location and how to operate it. That way if you ever have any issues, you can quickly and effectively ensure the safety of your property and its occupants. For most free-standing houses in Brisbane the metre box is located on the exterior of the building, however other common locations for metre boxes are in laundries or underneath the house (for raised Queenslander homes). If you find that your metre box contains fuses instead of modern circuit breakers it may also be worth considering a metre box upgrade.

    Ensure Extension Cords & Power Boards are Appropriately Rated

    Home renovations will require you to use a range of corded tools and equipment. Often these corded tools will also require the use of accessories such as power boards and extension cords. But before you use them, you should determine whether or not extension cords and powerboards can actually handle the electrical load being placed on them. High-powered tools place considerable load on these accessories and therefore it’s vital that your extension cords and power boards have sufficient ampere/watt ratings to accommodate them. Mismatching tools with these electrical accessories can lead to overheating issues or electrical fires. To prevent such accidents from happening, check the watt rating of your extension cords and power boards and make sure they exceed the combined watt waiting of the tools you’ll be using.

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    Perform Regular Inspections

    To protect you from any harm when it comes to electrical problems, always perform regular inspections to ensure your safety. Inspections help you find potential hazards which can cause accidents in your home. Be attentive and watch for warning signs such as a burning smell coming from tools you are using and tripped breakers which can be a sign of electrical issues. Before using any corded tools you should also inspect power cords and the outlets you will be using. Look for frayed wires, cracked wire insulation, and loose connections in the outlets which can result in electrical shocks, fires, and damage to tools and equipment. If you see any of those signs it’s best to put that item aside until it can be inspected by a professional.

    Use A Quality Stud Finder When Drilling

    Stud finders are tools used to find framing studs and joists in your walls. They are often used when you plan on hanging a heavy load to the wall (such as a kitchen cabinet) or you just want something to hang securely in place like a picture frame. While this is the purpose of a stud finder, it can also have additional features that are helpful during renovations. High-quality electronic stud finders can detect live wires inside the walls which is important when drilling holes. If you accidentally drill into a live wire, it can cause electric shocks and also fires. If you plan on drilling any hole in your walls during your renovation, then it’s best to invest into a quality stud finder to not only make your job easier but to keep your safe from harm.

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    Don’t Overload Your Circuits

    Avoid overloading electrical circuits by running too many high-powered devices simultaneously which can lead to disastrous fires. Each power circuit in your home has been designed to facilitate a specified electrical load. In a functional system if you exceed this load then the circuit breaker will trip (or fuse will blow for older systems) cutting off power to that circuit and prevent it from getting too hot and catching fire. However, in many older homes circuit breakers or fuses can become faulty and no longer operate as designed. To prevent circuits from becoming overloaded in the first place you can manage the electrical load. If your renovation involves using multiple high-powered tools like those used for timber floor sanding, you can distribute the load among different power circuits to avoid overloading.

    Hire a QBCC Licensed Electrician

    When doing any electrical work during your home renovation in Brisbane, it’s highly advisable to hire a qualified electrician. Not only is it dangerous for unqualified tradespeople or DIYers to work on electrical systems, it’s also illegal. That’s why when hiring an electrician, you should always check their credentials to see if they’re QBCC licensed, if not then walk away, as the risk to you family and property is too great to have unlicensed electricians work on your home. Furthermore, you want to make sure that they provide a good service too. If they have a website, you can check the reviews or testimonials from their past clients. As you want to verify that they’re both licensed and also capable of delivering a good service and customer experience.

    Looking For A Renovation Sparky Electrician?

    Even if you don’t perform any electrical work yourself during your home renovation there are still risks of electric shock, or property damage due to electrical failures. Following these simple tips above can help you mitigate your risk and ensure your renovation is both rewarding and safe. When it comes to electrical alterations and upgrades it’s wise to enlist the services of a licensed electrical contractor to perform all the works to ensure the safety of both your property and your family.

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