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At Sorted Electrical we are qualified in the supply and installation of security and sensor lights in Holland Park and all other surrounding suburbs.

Outdoor sensor lights are a great solution for areas that are not always in use and only need to be lit when people are passing through or using the space. Nothing is worse than leaving a light on for no reason and paying for it in your next power bill.

Utilising a motion sensor light will save power by only switching the light on when motion is detected and will turn back off after a set time. The switch for the sensor light can constantly be left on and the sensor light will work only when it is needed.

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What are motion sensor lights?

Sensor lights can come in many forms and lighting types. You can purchase spot lights, flood lights, downlights, wall lights, solar sensor light, LED sensor light and many other types of lights all with built-in sensors. Sensor light installation in South Brisbane is one of our busiest areas, the most common sensor light we install is the outdoor, twin LED spotlight. It is great quality weatherproof and provides a great range of light.

Some common areas that sensor lights should be utilized are:

Sensor light Installation Cost?

At Sorted Electrical we can provide a sensor light installation in local suburbs (like in Coorparoo, Carindale, New Farm etc) at very competitive prices. We mostly use LED Sensor lights as they provide the most value for money in the long term as well as, providing the best quality light.

Some LED sensors have removable bulbs while others have a built-in LED which isn’t changeable. With the quality of LED lighting these days the life expectancy can be more than 50,000 hours!!

We can supply, wire and install an LED sensor light. Give us a call for a free quote to get a sensor light installed today.

Sensor light Installation Instructions

Once we install your sensor light, we will explain how to adjust the settings for different purposes. With majority of sensor lights you can adjust the time they stay on, the sensitivity of the sensor and the Lux. The LUX setting is a dial that controls the amount of natural light that is needed to initiate the operation of the sensor and prevents the sensor light from operating during daylight hours.

These settings can be adjusted until the sensor light is working exactly how you want it too. At the time of installation, we can recommend the setting it should be on and you can always adjust it later, you do not need an electrician after the light has been installed.

Why choose Sorted Electrical for sensor & security light installation Brisbane?

When you want the very best sensor & security light installation in Brisbane, there’s only one name you need to remember – Sorted Electrical. Here’s why:

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Sorted Electrical provides a range of sensor lights and security lights services in New Farm, Bulimba and Murarrie, just to name a few. We’re your first choice if you need sensor & security light installation in the Brisbane area. Don’t suffer through another summer of excessive power bills and discomfort. Let our friendly team help to transform your home with the best ceiling fan installation available.

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