Smoke Alarm Installation

Smoke Alarm Installation

Professional interlinked Smoke Alarm Installation for the protection of you and your family.


Compliant, interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms supplied and installed from only $140.00 

All installs include compliance sheet

Did you know that when you are asleep, you can lose your sense of smell? If a fire starts while you are sleeping, you may breathe in toxic fumes and never even wake up. The difference between walking out of your home unharmed or being trapped inside with heavy smoke and flames can come down to a few crucial minutes.

Having the correct, up to standard smoke alarm system in your home installed by a professional can make that difference.

Needing Smoke alarm installation? We inspect and install interlinked smoke alarm systems throughout all areas of Calamvale to South Brisbane. Call us on 0437 385 741 today.

Why Should I Upgrade My Smoke Alarms?

Older homes more often than not have ionisation smoke alarms installed; these are usually not interconnected and past their replacement date. The main concern with ionisation alarms is the time it takes them to detect smouldering fires. In tests, ionisation alarms on average responded 15-50 MINUTES SLOWER than photoelectric alarms.

When you hire a smoke alarm installation expert from Sorted Electrical you will only get the best quality photoelectric alarms installed, offering peace-of-mind for your family.

Have you had problems with your smoke alarms being triggered for no reason or constantly beeping? This is a sign that your alarms are not working correctly. When new photoelectric alarms are installed, you won’t get nuisance warnings or beeping. They provide early detection and are less prone to be triggered by cooking or steam from the bathroom. Sorted Electrical offer competitive prices and great value with our smoke alarm installation services – need Smoke Alarm upgrade for a house in Calamvale, Springwood, or Logan? Call us for a no-obligation quote. 

Photoelectric smoke alarms have been the only type recommended by Australian Fire Authorities, Fire Brigades and the International Association of Fire Fighters. A global campaign is now calling for a total ban of ionisation alarms. A wireless smoke alarm upgrade is a great way to get your alarms to standard in homes that don’t have access to run cables. At Sorted Electrical our smoke alarm installation services cover a range of wireless options.

What Type of Smoke Alarm is in My Home?

It should be clearly stated on each smoke detectors label whether it is ionisation or photoelectric smoke alarm. However, if it is not clearly stated, you will see a bright yellow ‘radiation’ symbol inside or on the back of an ionisation alarm.

If you see this symbol, then it’s a good sign that you should have a smoke alarm inspection and also check that all your bedrooms and living spaces have a detector in place. If you are looking for a smoke alarm installation expert , give us a Call at Sorted Electrical.

Smoke alarm installation Ipswich

Smoke Alarm Laws and Regulations

Queensland’s laws and regulations require new homes to include smoke alarms system in every bedroom, in the passageways and living areas. They have to be hardwired and interconnected photoelectric detectors with a backup battery. If it is not possible to wire smoke alarms in your home (double level or no roof access homes) then 10-year lithium battery, wireless smoke detectors can be used.

Why not get your home to this standard before the deadline? From January 2022 every home leased or sold has to meet this regulation. By 2027, every single home in QLD has to comply. Why wait until the deadline when you can make your home safer and be compliant today? Contact your local experts at Sorted Electrical and have a professional Smoke Alarm Installation carried out in your home – you can contact us here 

Smoke Alarm Installation Cost

Smoke alarm installation prices can vary depending on the accessibility of the home and the type of smoke alarm needed. At Sorted Electrical we only use quality smoke alarms and our prices are very competitive as our service covers all areas of South Brisbane.

If you are looking for Smoke Alarm upgrade or new installation, then call us today for a free quote today!

Why call us at Sorted Electrical

We offer smoke alarm solutions for every style of home, all at competitive prices that comply with the regulations. From 10-year wireless interconnected units to 240V hard-wired units. All smoke alarms are top quality and offer maximum safety with early fire/smoke detection.

We mainly service Calamvale, Springwood, and Logan but we do travel to many other suburbs of South Brisbane at no additional cost

Call or email for advice and a quote today; We are reliable smoke alarm system installation providers. Our professional smoke alarm specialist will get it SORTED for you.

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We offer our electrical services to both domestic and commercial projects, working on new homes, existing homes, renovations, smoke alarm compliance, small electrical installs and repairs, air conditioning and more.

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