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Installation and Upgrade of Switchboards in Brisbane

Protect your home and family with an Electrical Switchboard Upgrade package - available to all homes in Carindale, Camp Hill, and all Brisbane surrounding areas.

The switchboard is the heart and centre of all the electrical components in your home. This is where all the circuit protection should be and it’s by far the most important part of an electrical installation. Making sure the switchboard is safe and meets current standards should be the 1st priority when looking to buy an existing house or do any additional work on your home.

Do you know that any additional electrical items cannot be added to your home unless the circuit it is connected to has protection from a safety switch? Many Electricians will take your money and install additional electrical fittings/cabling to circuits with no safety switch, not only is this unsafe it is also illegal. Talk with us about switchboard installation, we service all areas including Coorparoo, New Farm and surrounding South Brisbane suburbs – call us now on 0488 857 393.

When do i need electrical switchboard replacement?

Here are some questions that will help you work out if your switchboard needs a replacement. Taking the time to check your switchboard now may save you a lot of headaches down the track. Have a look at some of these points and see if your home has the protection it should.

  • Can you easily identify what every circuit breaker does?
  • Are you looking at old pull out fuses?
  • Are there any circuits that don’t have a test button, or they don’t trip when you press them?
  • Can you hear any buzzing or crackling noises?
  • Do you have circuits constantly tripping?
If you answered yes to any of these questions you may require some upgrades to your switchboard.

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When to upgrade electrical switchboard?

The main reason for upgrading your switchboard should be to provide the maximum electrical protection you can for all the occupants of you home. If you are looking for Switchboard Upgrade and your home is in the Coorparoo to Brisbane area then give us a call! 

Electrical switch board fires are very common and the main cause are from old circuit breakers, loose cable connections and incorrect circuit breaker sizes. Here a few simple reasons you should get your switchboard upgraded or checked today.

  • To meet current standards
  • To allow for electrical additions in home
  • To offer correct power supply to circuits
  • To offer protection to appliances and prevent damage
  • To offer maximum protection under fault conditions
  • Drastically reduce risk of fire and damaged appliances
  • Reduce risk of electrocution

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Sorted Electrical provides a range of residential and commercial electrical services in New Farm, Bulimba and Murarrie, just to name a few. We’re your first choice if you need electrical switchboard installation in the Brisbane area. Don’t suffer through another summer of excessive power bills and discomfort. Let our friendly team help to transform your home with the best electrical switchboard installation available.

Switchboard Maintenance Brisbane

If you do have a switchboard that has been upgraded it is still important to have it checked and maintained. Over time the cables can become loose and safety switches fail. Safety switches should be tested every 3 months to see if they are still providing protection. This can be done by pressing the test button and seeing if they trip. The easiest way to remember to do this is every time you receive a power bill, test the safety switches. At Sorted Electrical we offer 6 monthly switchboard checks at a fixed price. Contact us here to book a 6-monthly switchboard check.

When it comes to safety and switchboard maintenance, our Coorparoo electricians are here to help!

Why choose Sorted Electrical for electrical switchboard installation Brisbane?

When you want the very best electrical switchboard installation & upgrades in Brisbane, there’s only one name you need to remember – Sorted Electrical. Here’s why:

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