All You Need to Know about Sleeping With Air Conditioning at Night

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    sleeping with air conditioning

    When the summer heat lingers into the evening, sleeping can be difficult. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to your physical and mental well-being, so it’s important you do everything you can to rest peacefully. Controlling the temperature in your home is one important factor, and many people do this using an air conditioner. If you’re keen to beat the heat and get a great night’s sleep, here’s everything you need to know about sleeping with air conditioning on.

    Is sleeping with the air conditioning on at night bad for your health?

    In itself, sleeping with air conditioning on isn’t bad for you. However, there are a few things you need to consider before you decide whether it’s the best move for your health. One of the dangers of using air conditioning at night is the fact that you control the machine. If something goes wrong, the temperature in your home could become too hot or cold, potentially making it unsafe.

    The other consideration is air quality. While most air conditioners help to purify indoor air, this only occurs when your unit is well-serviced and your filters are clean. A dirty air conditioning unit could potentially decrease your indoor air quality, which is particularly dangerous while you’re sleeping because you can’t control what you breathe in.

    air conditioning at night

    Does running your AC at night affect your sleep quality?

    When used properly, your air conditioner shouldn’t affect your sleep quality. If anything, it should help you sleep faster because it helps control the temperature and comfort levels inside your home. However, as we touched on above, if something goes wrong with your air conditioner through the night, your sleep may be interrupted, especially if the temperature in your home changes drastically.

    This is why we recommend using a timer to ensure your air conditioner only runs for an hour or two after you go to bed. This helps you save money but is also a sensible safety precaution.

    Is it safe to have your air conditioning running while you sleep?

    While most air conditioners are safe to run during the night, it’s important to remember that they are electrical devices like any other appliances in the home. While air conditioners are designed to run for long periods of time without a break, this should still be a consideration. If nothing else, prolonged use will cause extra wear and tear on components, potentially resulting in malfunctions or increased service costs.

    As long as you take precautions, clean your filters and service your unit regularly, it should remain safe. Still, as we mentioned above, using a timer so that the air conditioner doesn’t run all night is usually the safest option.

    6 tips for sleeping with the air conditioning on

    To ensure you stay safe and comfortable through those hot summer nights, here are some tips to help you get the most out of sleeping with air conditioning on.

    Set your ideal temperature

    Did you know that the ideal sleeping temperature for most adults in Australia is between 15-19 degrees Celsius? It might seem low, but it explains why sleeping on a hot summer night is hard. If you plan to use air conditioning at night to keep you cool, make sure you set a comfortable temperature.

    Most air conditioners allow you to choose a desired temperature, and it will try to maintain this throughout your home. Naturally, the impact is slightly lower if you sleep far from your air conditioner. Once you find your perfect temperature, stick with it and stay cool and comfy all year.

    Select the right mode on your air conditioner

    In the same way that you need to set your temperature, you also need to choose the right mode on your air conditioner. Every brand is different, but most have some standard settings, such as:

    • Heat: Used to consistently deliver warm air into the home.
    • Cool: Used to keep cooling your home’s air.
    • Auto: Set a temperature and let the air conditioner maintain it.
    • Dry: This usually dehumidifies the air.

    Some units may have more options, but these are the basics. Ideally, the Auto function is best for use at night, because it allows you to set your temperature. Using the Heat or Cool functions is risky, as it can make your house far too hot or cold if you leave it running.

    Regularly clean your filters

    Cleaning your air conditioner’s filters is recommended for a number of reasons. Firstly, when your filters are blocked, your system has to work harder to achieve your desired temperature. This increases electricity costs. Secondly, a machine with dirty filters can’t clean the air effectively, meaning it could send germs, particles and contaminants into your air.

    As we mentioned, you can’t control the air conditioner while you’re asleep. So, if you want to use air conditioning at night, keep your filters clean to ensure you keep your indoor air quality high and your electricity bills low.

    Use a timer

    We’ve already touched on this point, but using a timer is the best way to keep electricity costs down and ensure it’s safe to sleep with the air conditioner running. Ideally, you don’t want the air conditioner running through the entire night because it’s expensive and potentially unsafe. You’ll be able to determine the ideal time for your unit to run, but generally, 1-2 hours after you go to bed is ideal.

    You can set the air conditioner to turn off after 2 hours, then set it to come on again an hour before you wake up to ensure the home is comfortable for the morning.

    Consider using a dehumidifier

    When the air in your home is too dry, it can affect your skin, breathing and cause dehydration. Some people find that using the air conditioner at night makes the air too dry, in which case you may benefit from using a dehumidifier instead. This way, you can take some of the humidity out of the air without drying it out too much.

    Close off unoccupied rooms

    Finally, close off the rooms you aren’t using. This means your air conditioner doesn’t work as hard and costs you less to run. As long as you use the right temperature control and settings, your air conditioner will keep your family cool during those summer nights without costing you an arm and a leg.

    Need more advice on sleeping with air conditioning?

    Sleeping with air conditioning on is fine in small doses, but it depends on your home, local climate and comfort levels. Sorted Electrical specialises in installing energy-efficient AC units that suit your specific needs. Every home is different, and our experts will ensure you get the right air conditioning solution every time. So, if you’re ready to enjoy maximum comfort throughout the entire year, speak to Sorted Electrical today. We service Highgate Hill, Dutton Park and all surrounding regions.

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