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Install Smoke Alarms Brisbane

Smoke alarms Brisbane could very well be the saviour of your family home, which is why it’s absolutely essential to ensure yours is performing at peak capacity. Particularly in heritage homes, many smoke alarms don’t actually meet compliance standards, so getting yours assessed by a professional electrician from Sorted Electrical should always be first on your checklist when moving into a new space.

The most concerning type of old system is an ionisation smoke alarm, because this type generally isn’t interconnected and will have surpassed its replacement date. Tests that have been undertaken show that ionisation smoke alarms take 15-20 minutes longer to respond to smoke than modern photoelectric alarms, which could be the difference between making it out on time during an emergency.

Sorted Electrical supply and install 100% compliant and interconnected smoke alarms Brisbane. Find out what type of system is in your home today!

Smoke Alarms Brisbane
smoke alarm installation brisbane

So, What Would We Recommend For Your Smoke Alarms Brisbane?

The only type of smoke alarms Brisbane that have actually been recommended by Australian fire authorities—including Fire Brigades and the International Association of Fire Fighters—are photoelectric smoke alarms.

Campaigns have recently been actioned against further implementation of ionisation smoke alarms across the globe, but until laws have been enforced it’s absolutely vital that people are aware of the associated dangers of having them in their homes.

A wireless smoke alarm is what we at Sorted Electrical would strongly recommend for your space, as most standard homes these days don’t have access to run cables. Our experienced electrician can help you narrow down the right product choice for your space, with easy access to a wide network of Australia’s most reputable suppliers of smoke alarms Brisbane.

So, How Do Photoelectric Smoke Alarms Differ from Ionisation Smoke Alarms?

Also referred to as photo-optical smoke alarms Brisbane, photoelectric systems are designed to detect visible particles of combustion. These systems come with a number of advantages, including:

  • Less likely to sound an alarm due to smoke emitted while cooking
  • They contain no radioactive materials that can implicate the health of your loved ones.
  • They’re suitable for general use across all applications
  • You can sleep with peace of mind knowing you’ve got adequate protection!
Some of the common features that you should familiarise yourself with include the test button, whether your alarm is marked as compliant with AS 3786-2014, whether there’s a ‘hush’ button for false alarms, and if there are additional features to inform hearing impaired people during emergencies. For example, some alarms are fitted with emergency lights which is preferred in commercial spaces. Sorted Electrical will be there to help you make the right choice!
local electrician provides smoke detector installation in brisbane. Fast and quality work by experienced electricians

There’s no pressure to know everything about your smoke alarms Brisbane, but for your safety, knowing what type of system you have and how it performs should be a priority whenever you’re settling into a new space. Call us for an assessment or for any general repair and maintenance work on 0488 857 393 today! We service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

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