Is My Switchboard Out Dated, Do I Need an Upgrade?

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Here are a few of the signs that you can look for, or you may be experiencing that indicate a switchboard upgrade is required.

  • Fuses blow when you use too many appliances at one time
  • Lights flicker for no apparent reason
  • Circuit breakers tripping regularly
  • None or 1 RCD for all circuits
  • Appliances and bulbs not lasting long and needing replacing
  • You may have an outdated fuse box with ceramic pull out fuses
  • Test buttons don’t work on existing RCDs
  • Circuits are not clearly labeled

Why Do I Need a Switchboard Upgrade?

In recent years we have started using a lot more electricity in our homes. Things like toasters, coffee makers, electric cooktops, washing machines, and dryers are all putting an extra load on your circuits. Your old switchboard most likely isn’t up for the task of reliably and safely providing the power requirements of your home and its modern appliances.

If you have an old switchboard it may constantly trip circuits or blow fuses when overloaded. You may also get a lot of heat inside your switchboard that can lead to fires and extensive damage.

Did you know that legally, no extra electrical wiring, outlets or fittings (including lights) can be added to your existing circuits unless protected by a safety switch? So, if you have an old switchboard and wish to make a few electrical upgrades you may get a rude shock when you are charged extra to upgrade each circuit individually by your electrician. At Sorted Electrical we take the time to explain why you need a switchboard upgrade and exactly what parts of your existing circuit control are unsafe. Just give us a call for a free quote.

Having an old out of date switchboard can also incur extra surcharges when getting an electrician to fault find or do any maintenance on your home. It is far cheaper to get your switchboard upgraded first and not have to worry about it again. Not only will it create a safer home you will be saving money in the long run.

How Much Do Switchboard Upgrades Cost?


$50 off your quoted price with SORTED ELECTRICAL.

*Email a picture of your switchboard for a free quote.

    The cost of a full switchboard upgrade depends on a few things such as,

  • Amount of circuits in your home
  • Condition of existing switchboard
  • Single or three-phase mains
  • Contains Asbestos meter panel or not
  • Accessibility to switchboard

In most cases, a switchboard upgrade should cost between $800-$1400.

At Sorted Electrical our switchboard upgrades are done to the highest standard and all prices are fixed. On average we charge about $1100 for a standard upgrade. All materials/switchgear used is high quality and you are left with a safe and up to standard switchboard.


*Email us a picture of your switchboard and we will give you a free quote on the same day. We will take $50 off the quoted price if you accept the quote within 5 days.

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