The Importance of Electricians for Shed Wiring

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    Even though you won’t spend as much time in your shed as you would inside your home, having reliable power running to your shed can still be extremely beneficial. Whether it’s for lighting, workshop tools, or anything else you use your shed for, professional shed wiring is a must.

    For safety and legal reasons, hiring a qualified electrician for all shed electrical wiring is important. This article will discuss the importance of using professional shed-wiring electricians, and we’ll also talk you through the process in more detail.

    The importance of professional shed wiring

    In Australia, you must use a licensed electrician for all electrical works around the home. Of course, when running electricity to a shed, you want it to work properly. That’s one reason to hire a professional, licensed electrician. But it’s also against the law to conduct unlicensed electrical work.

    It’s easy to think you can get away with a DIY job for your shed, but if something goes wrong, such as faulty wiring causing a fire, your insurance company may not pay out on your claim. In addition, having the wrong voltage going to your shed can result in what’s called ‘dirty power’, and this can damage appliances.

    Also, if you try to sell your house in future and a buyer discovers unlicensed electrical work, it can severely impact a sale. Not to mention the fact that DIY electrical work is typically unsafe and could put your home and family at risk. So, it always pays to hire a professional to get the job done right. If you’re worried about the electrician cost to run power to a shed in Brisbane, remember – it’s better to pay now than pay a lot more later.

    Initial consultation and planning

    A thorough consultation and assessment is the first step in any shed wiring project.

    Electrical assessment

    Firstly, your electrician should discuss your needs and load requirements. This is to ensure your home’s electrical system can support additional outlets and also helps your electrician plan any customised wiring that may be needed.

    Compliance with regulations

    Next, your electrician determines whether the work being requested meets local building codes and regulations. You won’t often need permits for electrical work, but your expert electrician still needs to ensure the job can be completed safely.

    Customised wiring design

    Once all safety regulations are met, your electrician starts with a customised wiring design to suit your shed. This is why consultation is so important. Your electrician needs to know how the shed will be used and even the layout to ensure they can plan to have outlets in the right places. They also consider the placement of the main panel and other electrical outlets. This customised wiring design is crucial to having a functional electricity supply that suits your needs.

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    Professional equipment and materials

    At Sorted Electrical, we only use the best tools, equipment and electrical components. Here’s what you should expect when hiring a sparkie for any shed wiring project.

    Quality tools

    High-quality electrical tools should always be used for running electricity to a shed. This is particularly important when it comes to specialist equipment like voltage testers, because precision and accuracy are of vital importance when dealing with electrical currents.

    Top-grade electrical materials

    The same can be said for electrical materials and components because you don’t want cheap and nasty wiring or switches in your shed. You ensure a better, safer electricity installation by using quality materials such as wires, switches, panels and outlets. Safety regulations govern many aspects of residential electrical work, so it’s important to always use materials that meet Australia’s standards.

    It’s not just about sticking to the rules but getting the most durable and reliable electrical components. Your shed wiring will be safer, last longer, and require less maintenance if you use the proper components to start with.

    Safety gear

    When conducting any type of electrical work, safety is paramount. Even when taking the utmost precautions, such as turning off the main power supply, it’s still important to use safety gear. This can include protective eyewear, gloves and other safety equipment relevant to the work site.

    Running electricity to your shed

    Let’s take a closer look at the steps required when running electricity to your shed.

    Cable selection

    One of the most important decisions to make is regarding the type of cables you use. Every home is different, meaning your electrician needs to determine whether you need underground or overhead wiring. Basically, your electrician considers the amount of power required for your shed as well as the type of switchboard you have in place. From there, they will select the safest and most efficient cabling.

    Safe underground wiring

    Most Australian homes with a separate shed will likely use underground wiring. While there may be a small amount of landscaping to consider, underground wiring is usually the easiest and safest. Underground wires are secured inside a casing to ensure pests or weather conditions can’t easily damage them.

    Secure overhead wiring

    There may be situations where underground wiring isn’t possible. For example, large concrete areas may be between your main power supply and the shed. If excavation is too difficult or not possible at all, your electrician may consider overhead wiring. This requires specialist installation, but a licensed electrician knows how to install overhead wiring to reach your shed safely, and this may include pole and insulator installation.

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    Expert main breaker panel installation

    Your switchboard is a crucial part of your home’s electricity supply. To install shed wiring, additional circuit breakers are required. In some cases, a switchboard upgrade may be needed, but this depends on the stability and strength of your current electrical system.

    Panel selection

    In the event that you need to upgrade your switchboard, your electrician needs to recommend one that can handle your existing and future power needs. Many old switchboards and panels have outdated components and should be upgraded to more efficient, safer models.

    Circuit breakers should be used, however, these only prevent overloading and short circuits. You’ll also need residual current devices (RCDs) when running electricity to your shed. These shut off power instantly in case of a problem to protect you from electrocution.

    Precise mounting and wiring

    If a switchboard upgrade is required, your electrician will remove all existing circuit protection and set up the new switchboard. Using a licensed electrician for this type of wiring is crucial, as it can be particularly dangerous. Experts know how to mount panels and wiring precisely, ensuring your home and shed have a reliable, safe power supply.

    Interior wiring by a professional

    Just as a switchboard needs expert hands working it, a licensed electrician should also complete your interior wiring.

    Outlets and switches

    Depending on the size of your shed and your electrical requirements, you may need a number of outlets, switches or junction boxes installed. A qualified electrician will already have planned the placement of these items in the initial design, and will ensure they are wired safely and correctly.

    Light fixture installation

    Every good shed needs lighting, and today, you can access more energy-efficient lights than ever before. Your electrician will likely recommend energy-saving LED lights for your shed and install them safely in optimal positions. Again, the number of lights you need depends on the size and function of your shed.

    GFCI outlet installation

    A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet is a simple device installed in some electrical setups to prevent severe electrical shocks. These are more common in wet or outdoor areas, so it’s always advised that you use a GFCI for shed wiring.

    Rigorous inspection and testing

    The job isn’t entirely finished once the electrical installation is complete. Your electrician should thoroughly test everything to ensure it works properly and meets safety standards.

    Safety inspection

    A thorough safety inspection is completed at the end of all shed electrical wiring projects. This is to verify the integrity of connections and ensure all wiring is connected securely. Remember we mentioned Australia’s strict building codes and the fact that licensed electricians must complete all work? This is the part of the process that ensures all of your work is completed to building standards and codes.

    Thorough circuit testing

    Circuit testing is a big part of the safety inspection. Your electrician needs to ensure that every circuit functions properly without overloads or voltage drops. They will use specialist testing equipment to confirm all circuits work as they should and, at the same time, will rectify any problems they encounter during testing.

    Completion and cleanup

    If you’ve had bad experiences with tradespeople leaving your house like a bomb site, don’t worry. Sorted Electrical takes the time to clean up and leave your home looking exactly as we found it.

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    Wiring secured

    A big part of the cleanup is ensuring all wiring is secured. Depending on your shed type, all wiring should be hidden anyway, but if there are any exposed wires (in the case of an ongoing shed renovation), your electrician will secure them professionally to ensure they pose no risk.

    Tidy cleanup

    Finally, it’s time for your electrician to clean up any mess they’ve made along the way. We want you to enjoy your shed, free of hazards and mess, so we take the time to clean up properly. Once we’ve finished your shed wiring, you won’t even know we’ve been there.


    If you’re looking for a trusted local electrician in Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place. Sorted Electrical services the entire Brisbane region, including Cannon Hill, Gumdale, Manly West and more. So, no matter how tempting it might be to try a DIY electrical project, it’s always best to call the professionals. For expert shed wiring, contact the team of licensed electricians at Sorted Electrical today.

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