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Having a trusted, qualified and reliable electrician Brisbane Southside in your network is absolutely essential to maintaining the functionality of your electrical systems within the home or business. Failing to do so can lead to increased risk of power failure, an upsurge in energy bills, and even safety hazard—which can also have financial repercussions for businesses that haven’t complied with OH&S requirements in their field.

But we understand that it’s not the type of investment that sits at the forefront of your mind, which is why we’ve created a streamlined process to simplify the process on your end as much as possible. First and foremost, we provide a holistic service assist with all your electrical needs. Whether it’s an entirely new fit out, a system upgrade, security lighting or general emergency work—our electrician Brisbane Southside will be there with bells on to get the job sorted.

Electrician Brisbane Southside
LED Technology

Some Helpful Advice for Our Customers

One of the best aspects of working with an electrician Brisbane Southside from the Sorted Electrical team is our level of customer service, which doesn’t stop after the job is complete. We’re continually looking into ways we can improve your experience, and help you make more educated choices in the future to improve energy efficiency. LED is one of our first recommendations!

LED vs Halogen: Did you know that only 20% of the energy used by a halogen bulb produces light? The other 80% is heat, which heighten the risk of fire if the bulbs are too close to insulation or wooden beams. With LED bulbs it’s actually the reverse, so you get a far greater payoff from the amount of energy used, and it’s a safer alternative overall. Within our network, we have a range of reliable suppliers who equip us with the latest in LED technology and design.

Services We Can Offer

In addition to indoor and outdoor lighting installation, our electrician Brisbane Southside can provide a range of other electrical services to accommodate the diverse needs of both our commercial and residential customers. This includes:

Sensor and security lighting: Frequently utilised in spaces such as car parks, storage rooms, staircases, rest rooms, pathways and pantries, we offer a range of highly effective products at competitive prices, paired with flawless installation at an affordable rate.

Switchboard upgrades: We provide switchboard check, maintenance work and complete upgrades that help you maintain compliance, allow for the implementation of additional electrical appliances, offer maximum protection to appliances and reduce the risk of electrocution.

Shed & Workshop Fit Outs: Power is central to the functionality of your shed or workshop, which is why our electrician Brisbane Southside offers a wide range of customised electrical solutions that meet your performance needs.

Sensor and security lighting

Minimise the risk of power failure and safety hazard by engaging the Sorted Electrical team for all your electrical projects and maintenance work. Our committed electrician Brisbane Southside will execute exceptional workmanship to optimise your system performance in every regard.

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