How to Choose the Most Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner for Your Brisbane Home

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It’s no secret that the Brisbane climate is pretty warm all year round. In the summer months, it can be unbearable if you don’t have a good way to cool your home. Air conditioners are a great way to maintain your home’s comfort level regardless of the temperature outside. But they’re also costly to run, so you should do your research to find the most efficient air conditioner available. In this article, we’ll look at 5 tips to consider for the installation of energy efficient air conditioner units.

5 things to consider when finding the most efficient air conditioner

Did you know that heating and cooling can amount to approximately 40% of a home’s energy costs. That’s a lot of money for most people, and it highlights the need for energy-efficient appliances. Most people look for star ratings when purchasing, because it’s one of the best ways to determine how energy-efficient an air conditioner is. But what factors contribute to a system’s energy rating?

Let’s look at some of the key things you should consider when buying an efficient air conditioner. For the purpose of this article, we’re considering split-system air conditioners that include one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. Alternatives are multi-split systems (with more than one indoor unit) or ducted air conditioning.

Size and shape

Every air conditioning unit needs a place on the wall, so it’s your job to decide where you want it to live. You can buy floor-mounted air conditioners but these are somewhat outdated these days. So, if you need wall space for your air conditioner, think about the best place for it.

Modern units are relatively quiet to operate but still make a degree of noise. So, keep your unit where the noise won’t bother you. Also, think about airflow and the spaces you want to cool down. Ideally, you want the unit to be in a position that provides maximum cooling performance while disrupting your life as little as possible.

If you’re limited for wall space, you need to take this into consideration when buying a unit that will fit.


We’ve talked about the location of your indoor cooling unit, but you also need to think about where you live. If you live in a hot climate, such as Brisbane, you’ll need a reasonably powerful air conditioning unit. Other parts of Australia are considered more average in terms of heat, and then there are colder parts such as Victoria and Tasmania. If you’re in those zones, you won’t need a very powerful air conditioner.

With that said, if you live in a cooler climate, you’ll appreciate some heating power when winter rolls around. So, ideally, you want your system to be powerful enough to meet your needs all year round. Fortunately, Brisbane is quite warm, so you won’t need the most powerful and expensive unit on the market.

Ongoing maintenance and cost

When it comes to determining whether you’ve got an energy-efficient air conditioner or not, it all really comes down to ongoing costs. Specifically, the running costs. An energy-efficient machine uses less power and costs you less money. So, if you see an air conditioner with a 5-star energy rating, it will likely be very cost-effective.

Also, don’t forget about the ongoing maintenance costs. All air conditioners should be serviced annually to keep them in good working order, but if you need constant repairs to an unreliable unit, you’ll spend more money in the long run.

Power capacity

All air conditioners have a certain power capacity. For smaller homes and living spaces, a 2.0 kW or 4.0 kW unit is just about right. Larger spaces need 5.0kW or more. If you buy a unit that’s too powerful for your needs, it will likely cost you more money to run and, therefore, be less energy-efficient. If your system isn’t powerful enough, it will need to work harder to cool your home and also cost you more money. To get the right system for your needs, speak to your experts at Sorted Electrical.


Finally, don’t forget about the warranty. Nobody expects things to go wrong, but there is always a risk that air conditioner parts will fail. If they do, you’ll appreciate being covered by a warranty rather than paying for costly repairs yourself. Always check the warranty on any air conditioner you purchase.

Need help choosing the most efficient air conditioner?

Sorted Electrical has you covered if you’re in the market for a new air conditioner. We’re professional air con installers, and we’ll work with most major brands. So, whether you’ve chosen your energy-efficient air conditioner or you’d like some advice before purchasing, we’re here to help. Don’t suffer through another summer of uncomfortable conditions in your home. From West End to Yeronga, the experts at Sorted Electrical can ensure you have the perfect system for your needs and budget. We can even take care of any regular servicing needs you have in the future. Contact us today to find out more.

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