Why Should I Replace Halogen Downlights with LED?

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    With most modern homes favouring LED lights over halogen, is it time to consider halogen downlight replacement for your home? Let’s explore the difference between the two, and the benefits of upgrading.

    What are halogen downlights and LED lights?

    While both are effective forms of lighting, halogen and LED are quite different. LED lights are a more modern form of lighting technology, while halogen has been a popular choice in many settings for a long time.

    It’s important to note that halogen and LED are the light globes or bulbs. So, when you consider halogen downlight replacement, it doesn’t necessarily mean changing the style of your light fittings. LED light globes can be fitted where your halogen ones previously lived.

    There are several key differences between the two. Firstly, LED lights are far more energy-efficient. It’s estimated that LED lights use around 75% less power than their halogen counterparts. Secondly, if you choose good quality LED lights, they can last up to 15 times longer than a regular halogen globe.

    So, not only do LED lights save you money, but you also won’t need to replace them as frequently. Most customers who invest in halogen downlight replacement in Brisbane save money without sacrificing light quality.

    Halogen Downlights Replacement Electrician Brisbane

    What are the common issues with halogen downlights?

    Until something better came along, namely LED lights, halogen was the standard for most homes, businesses, and even vehicles. In fact, these globes are still on shelves today, and you’ll probably find them in many homes around Australia. However, while halogen lights have done the job for a long time, improved options such as LED lighting have certainly exposed some flaws. Here are some of the common issues that customers find with halogen lighting.

    Outdated technology

    Put simply, halogen lights are outdated. LED has superseded halogen technology, and with old technology comes problems. Due to unreliable transformers, halogen lights can flicker or turn on and off by themselves. While poor wiring can cause these issues, halogen downlight replacement is usually the best place to start.

    Inefficient to run

    Everybody wants to save money, so throwing it away by using inefficient lights doesn’t make sense. As we mentioned, halogen lights use around 75% more power than LED. While each downlight is small, the costs add up if you add it up over every light in the house, running several hours a day. Additionally, halogen lights work at a higher temperature. This means they waste energy creating heat rather than just generating light.

    Halogen downlights don’t last as long

    While there are always going to be high-quality halogen lights and low-quality LED lights, the reality is that halogen won’t last as long. Most halogen downlights, for example, are rated to run for approximately 8,000 hours. It sounds like a pretty good lifespan, but when you compare it to the average 50,000 hours you get from LED lights, it pales in comparison. LED lights might be a fraction more expensive to buy, but if they last between 5 and 15 times longer, they still represent much better value for money.

    Heat stress and fire risks

    Perhaps the most important reason to consider halogen downlight replacement is the risk of fire. Wherever electricity is present, there’s a fire risk. However, halogen downlights operate at such a high temperature that they can suffer heat stress. The whole area around the light heats up, including the fitting. With some operating temperatures up to 370 degrees, you can see how quickly halogen lights can become deadly, particularly if poorly installed.

    Halogen lights degrade quickly

    All lights lose their brightness over time, but halogen’s light output diminishes faster than LED. The average halogen downlight loses about half of its brightness in its first 2 years of operation. LED lights also lose brightness, but it occurs gradually over a long period of time.

    halogen downlight replacement

    What are the benefits of replacing halogen downlights with LED?

    There are numerous reasons to consider swapping out your old halogen downlights for modern LED versions. Here are just a few.

    Save money every year

    Think about how often you run your lights at home. While they’re not the most expensive electrical items to run, there are a lot of downlights in your home. If LED lights are around 75% more energy-efficient, then you instantly save 75% on lighting costs. This will add up to a different dollar value in every home, but it’s better in your pocket than the electricity company’s.

    LED lights are longer-lasting

    How often do you need to change halogen globes in your home? If you invest in quality LED lighting, you can expect to get between 5 and 15 times more working life than halogen globes. You’ll get around 50,000 hours of operation from a good LED globe. That’s the equivalent of almost 6 years of continuous lighting.

    Various output and colour options

    When LED lights first came out, options were limited. But today, you can find LED lights in all colours and light outputs. Whether you like ultra-bright downlights or something a little cooler, there are plenty of choices.

    Easier to replace globes

    LED lights are easily the most common form of downlight these days. Due to the incredible difference in energy efficiency, there is every possibility halogen will be phased out in the coming years. So, rather than wasting money on halogens now, choose LEDs and avoid replacement costs later.

    Need help with halogen downlight replacement?

    If you want to replace halogen downlights with LED, Soted Electrical is here to help. Like any electrical work, you must use a qualified electrician for halogen downlight replacement. Our expert electricians are skilled in all aspects of downlight replacement. Even if you’re doing more extensive renovations and need comprehensive lighting design, we’ve got you covered. Our skills and expertise ensure you get value for money every time, and we only use lights that will save you money in the long term. Contact us today for reliable electrical services in Mansfield, Tingalpa and all surrounding areas.

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