Six Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Smoke Alarms

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    As 2027 approaches, Queensland residents should be aware of legislation changes surrounding household smoke alarms. While new homes and any homes being sold or rented already require upgraded smoke alarms, the laws will apply to all homes starting in 2027. In this article, we’ll learn about the new smart smoke detectors and give you plenty of reasons to upgrade smoke alarms in your home.

    What is a smart smoke detector?

    The term ‘smart smoke detector’ refers to modern smoke detectors with greater capabilities than their predecessors. Technically, a ‘smart smoke detector’ is one that links up to a smart home assistant such as Alexa or Google Home. In theory, it should provide alerts through a smartphone app, too. There are many modern smoke detectors out there with these features.

    However, a smart smoke detector is also one that interconnects wirelessly with other smoke detectors in the home. You don’t need a smart home assistant to have wirelessly connected smoke alarms. In fact, as we’ll discuss later, Queensland law requires smart smoke detector installation in Brisbane homes.

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    What are the benefits of installing smart smoke detectors?

    In very simple terms, smart smoke detectors are more reliable, more durable, and more effective at alerting people to a fire in the home. Smoke alarm technology always evolves, so it stands to reason that new smart smoke detectors perform better. Wireless connectivity, remote monitoring, and several other features are now available in smart detectors.

    Ultimately, though, installing smart smoke detectors is about providing the very best protection for you and your family against the risks of household fires.

    How does a smart smoke detector work?

    There are several types of smart smoke detectors on the market. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to talk about photoelectric smoke detectors. These are the most common and reliable, plus they meet the standards of Queensland legislation.

    Inside the chamber of a photoelectric smoke detector is a constant beam of light. The alarm measures the amount of light reflected back to it, so if smoke enters the chamber, the light becomes scattered. This triggers the alarm, and due to advanced technology, they’re better at determining the difference between genuine smoke and other things like steam or fumes.

    Why should you upgrade smoke alarms in your Brisbane home?

    For most people, their family and their home are what they value most. Upgrading smoke alarms can save lives, and it can also protect your home from significant damage. Let’s look specifically at some of the other reasons to upgrade to a smart smoke detector.

    1. Peace of mind

      Perhaps the most significant thing you get from a smoke detector upgrade is peace of mind. While household fires are still far too common in Australian homes, many people go their whole lives without experiencing one. But the peace of mind that you’ll be alerted quickly to signs of a fire is priceless.

    2. Faster alerts

      Very simply, with better technology comes better performance. Modern smoke alarms are better equipped to identify signs of a fire and alert residents. In the event of a fire, every second is crucial. So, upgrading your smoke alarms should be a priority for all Brisbane homeowners. Those extra few seconds could be a lifesaver.

    3. Comply with Queensland legislation

      Another key benefit to upgrading your smoke alarms is the fact that your home will comply with Queensland legislation. Since 2017, new homes must have interconnected photoelectric smoke detectors that meet certain standards. They must be hardwired or powered by a 10-year battery that can’t be removed. Smoke detectors must also be on each level of the home, in every bedroom, and in hallways. The legislation applies to all homes sold or rented since 2022, and from 2027 it will apply to all homes.

    4. Hardwired power

      Upgrading your smoke detector system means you have much more reliable power. Under the above-mentioned legislation, new smoke detectors must be hardwired into 240V power. Alternatively, they may be wired to a non-removable 10-year battery.

    5. All alarms connected

      The new breed of WiFi smoke detectors allows for impressive interconnectivity. As per requirements, all smoke alarms must be interconnected. The benefit here is, thanks to wireless technology, if one alarm detects smoke, all of the alarms will go off. This gives everybody in the house more time to take necessary action.

    6. Fewer false alarms

      Have you ever had a situation where a smoke alarm keeps going off, even when there’s no sign of fire? This can be due to a range of things, such as cooking fumes and steam. It’s irritating to rush down the hallway to turn the smoke detector off while you’re trying to cook a meal for the family.

    Modern smart smoke detectors are photoelectric, meaning they’re only triggered when smoke particles enter the chamber. So, to avoid constant beeping and non-fire related alerts, it’s a good idea to upgrade smoke alarms today.

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    Do you need a smart smoke detector installed?

    Here at Sorted Electrical, we take your safety seriously. As a licensed smoke detector installation electrician, we ensure your smoke detectors comply with current legislation. We also ensure the optimal placement of smoke detectors for increased safety. If you haven’t changed your smoke detector in some time and are unaware of new requirements, don’t worry. Our team is here to help every step of the way. Contact us today for smart smoke detector installation in Mackenzie, Belmont and all surrounding areas.

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